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Dyslexia Type Project by hayleyb28 Dyslexia Type Project by hayleyb28
For my typography project I decided to work with a quote that had some connection with language and type. I chose a poem by a dyslexic child, describing how they felt about the daily task of reading and writing. Throughout the project my tutor wanted me to look at all aspects of typography including, expressive type, type on a large scale and moving type. This piece is an A1 poster. Here I had to not only learn how to use type on a large scale (was forbidden to use less than 250pt), but I also wanted to try and express the spirit of the poem within the design and composition.

With this piece I created a large black void by layering individual letters on top of each other to crete a "scrambled mess". The scribbles in the background are used to enhance this chaos and confusion. I also redueced the legibility of the body text by erasing parts of the ascenders and descenders. I think this piece not only works well as at A1 size, but also depicts the feelings conveyed in poem's extract.
SasoriDanna94 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2008
Beautiful work.
This is exatcly how I see letters every day.
letters flipped, and everywhere!
I thank spell check for everything now

Definitly adding this.
Addicted2Kura Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
this, to me, shows how the mind of a dyslexic more vividly than the last one.

they tend to mistake easy letters such as 'y' for 'v', or a round 'a' for an 'o' so thus, they cannot read right. those who cannot read at all, tend to only see the first and last letter of every word.

most people can read with just that, but to dyslexics, they only focus on the first and last, and even if the middle is jumbled, they still cannot read.
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